The New Lenox Village Board voted 7-0 Monday to amend two gun ordinances, which will allow Jeff Regnier, the owner of Kee Firearms and Training, to apply for federal licensing to sell gun parts and kits.

Kee Firearms and Training is a retail shop that sells guns and provides training, Regnier said. But, he wants a federal manufacturing license so he can put serial numbers on gun parts in gun kits for sale. To apply for that license, he needs a gun manufacturing special use permit from New Lenox.

“I’m happy that they approved that so we can comply with the new federal regulations,” Regnier said.

Regnier said he will now submit special use permit paperwork to comply with the amended ordinance. He will likely file the paperwork for the special use permit this week, Regnier said.

Once the village approves the special use permit, Regnier said his federal license with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives will be complete.

“Once the village approves, they will approve it,” Regnier said.

Mayor Tim Baldermann said the changes ensure the village supports a business in complying with federal law and it will allow residents a safe place to go to put serial numbers on their guns.

“I don’t see any harm whatsoever in having these kit guns or ghost guns with serial numbers,” Baldermann said. “It’s nice to have a good location in town where they can get that done.”

Under executive order, President Joe Biden banned ghost guns, or pieces of unfinished gun parts that people use to build a gun, and their parts, Regnier said. As a federally licensed manufacturing business, Regnier said he can add serial numbers to gun parts and sell them.

The executive order states gun kits qualify as firearms and commercial manufacturers of such kits must be licensed and include serial numbers on the kit’s frame or receiver, according to a White House news release. Commercial sellers like Regnier must be federally licensed and run background checks before a sale.

The amendments to the New Lenox gun manufacturing ordinance states a gun shop, indoor gun range or gun manufacturing establishment has to be located in a limited industrial district 500 feet from any residentially zoned property, school, park, church, preschool or day care center.

The amended ordinance requires indoor gun ranges to be completely enclosed with contiguous walls, ceiling and floor separating it from other uses in the building, with the rear of the range constructed of materials “sufficient to stop all bullets fired.”

Regnier said he asked that the ordinance allow for a mobile gun range.

Trustee Katie Christopherson said the ordinances promotes “safe and responsible gun ownership.”

“I would also like to make sure owners of ghost guns can comply with the law by having them properly serialized,” Christopherson said.

Trustee Lindsay Scalise agreed.

“I want to ensure that our residents are in compliance with the law. I support the Second Amendment and responsible gun ownership,” Scalise said.